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Anywayanyday is an application with which you can buy plane tickets to any destination in the world and book hotels in any city, all from an easy-to-use interface on your Android device without leaving home.

Using Anywayanyday is very simple: you just have to select a date for the flight going and coming back, choose your city and the destination, and wait a few seconds for Anywayanyday to do its job. The loading screen lets you play with a little plane flying around the world.

Then, Anywayanyday shows you all the alternatives you have to choose from. Here you can set some filters, like the time you want to leave, or if you don't want to have connecting flights. In any case, spotting the cheapest flight is really easy.

Besides searching for flights, Anywayanyday can also search for hotels and other accommodations. This section works very much like the flight search: choose your days, set filters, and compare prices.

Anywayanyday is an excellent app for planning your trips if you want to save some extra money. Remember: compare prices before buying anything.
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